Send your favorite cast and crew member a CandyGram to show your appreciation!

These will be delivered to the cast/crew member’s home by opening night.

Please specify which type of CandyGram bundle – an assortment of 3 items will be selected for you.

Chocolate* (e.g. Hershey bar, Plain M&Ms, KitKat, Rolos, etc.)
*none of these will have nuts, BUT most will have been manufactured in a facility that processes nuts

Nuts & Chocolate (e.g. Peanut M&Ms, Reese’s, Hershey Bars with Almonds, etc.)

Sour/Gummy (e.g. Sour Patch Kids, Air Heads Extreme, Sour Ropes, Star Burst, etc.)


Additional information


Chocolate, Nuts & Chocolate, Sour/Gummy